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Maui Gateway goes StatewideNew Anti-Spam ToolSpy Ware Detective

Maui Gateway goes Statewide
Now you can access your Maui Gateway account ANYWHERE in Hawaii

There's no need to use Cyber Cafés or pay long distance charges to access your dialup account in Hawaii.

Our new statewide access number is 643-0677. It can be dialed from any island to access Maui Gateway dialup services without any roaming or toll charges. This new service is absolutely FREE to any Maui Gateway customer with dialup Internet access as a part of their service plan.

Maui Gateway is continuing to grow and expand new services for its customers. We've also added a toll free support number for our traveling customers, in case you need help while visiting other islands. Our new toll-free support number is 1-877-875-0899 (same as our local number... just add 1-877 when dialing!). Our existing dialup number, 874-0677, is still operational. There is no need to change any of your settings unless you plan to use our service from a different island.

Introducing Spam Smasher EXTREME!!!
When Spam Smasher was first introduced, we were pleased with the reduction of spam in our e-mail boxes but our CEO said, "Improve it. Make it better. Our customers deserve more protection from this crazy spam!"
So we did!

Our engineers have designed a new system called Spam Detection Intelligence (SDI) that will stop up to 99% of all spam before it gets to your e-mail box. That's not a misprint - 99%!!!

If you haven't tried our Spam Smasher products, now is the time. For a limited time, you can enjoy Spam Smasher Lite (our old technology which reduces spam up to 50%) for 6 months absolutely FREE.

Existing Spam Smasher customers can upgrade to Spam Smasher Extreme for FREE! To learn more about this exciting, new technology, click here!

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Hawaiian Jamz
Listen to the best in Hawaiian entertainment

Ad-aware - Spy Ware Detective
These programs are inserted on your machine sometimes without your awareness.

Spy Ware or Ad Ware is a relatively new threat to Internet users. They track your Web surfing and report back to subscribers. Some generate annoying Pop-ups and the worst of them will rearrange your desktop.

Added to these obvious annoyances is that they are using your computer's memory to run in the background, slowing down legitimate operations.

Lavasoft's Ad-aware 6.0 is one of the best free solutions to Spy Ware and can be updated when new modules are released.

Download a free copy HERE.

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