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The Boyz 'n the Hood

Weren't we so young and (not so) innocent then. Read on and bring back some memories.

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Breaking the Mold

Perhaps our hair was short and we still wore suits and ties. But under the surface, we were fomenting the revolution of the Baby Boomers.

ElvisWe worried about The Bomb, but loved Elvis's sideburns and form-fitting jeans (although Mr. Fanning would send us to Detention for wearing either).

The end of the 50s began the end of Conservatism. Cookie cutter lives and gray flannel suits we found no longer acceptable. We struck out to find new experiences and new horizons. Okay, so it was Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll. But it was just what was needed to break the gray mold Americans had lived within since the end of WWII.

Former nerdsWe updated the Beat Generation to The Age of Aquarius and created "Flower Power." We fought to institute Racial and Feminine Equality. We transformed the face of Popular Music (well, Elvis and The Beatles helped). By sheer force of numbers and buying power, we changed the tastes and face of America within a decade. In general, we raised hell, went through lots of crap, but also had fun in the process.

Did we do well? It's your call. Sitting here now, listening to Glen Miller, I wonder if we shouldn't have left well enough alone.

The Beatles-Abbey RoadBut we broke the mold and engendered change - for better or worse. It's up to the class of 2009 to make their own statements and changes. Hopefully they will look back in 50 years and be content with their accomplishments.

A personal observation by Chuck Cassidy, "Class of '59" Webmaster.

What do YOU remember from those bad old, good old days? (Can you still remember anything anymore?) Search your more or less intact brain and send me your fond and not so fond rememberences and I'll publish them right here.

So think back, and, for the moment, perhaps grow young again.

The Webmaster, Class of '59


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