Aloha One and All,
On Halloween I was going to place a "Live" internet camera (Maui "LIVE" Internet Cameras) that would take a new picture every 30 seconds and make it available to the "Net" showing the events of the Maui "Mardi Gras of the Pacific". Unfortunately I was unable to secure a sponsor with an available phone line. Very disappointing.

However, I took to the streets with my 35mm and video Camera. I took over 80 stills and 2 hours of video. I took the best stills of the lot and scanned them. I also grabbed the best shots off the video (quality is not the best, sorry). They have been uploaded to my ISP ( and are now available for all to enjoy.

I have categorized the photos into "35mm Pics: Adults and Keikis" and the video shots into "Video Grabs: Adult Contest, Keiki Contest and Street Scenes". You will see small thumbnails of all the shots for a category on the left side of the web page (be sure to scroll down the column to see all of them). You can change the category by clicking on the link at the top of the left column.

If you want to see the thumbnail picture in it's true size, click on it and it will appear on the right side of the web page..

I love to hear your comments on the pictures or this web site, so please feel free to email me.


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