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In 1986 I moved from the Mainland, USA to Maui. I have spent my time enjoying all that this paradise has to offer. Through this website I want to share those experiences and help those that are planning a trip to Maui to get the most out of their holiday.

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Maui Movies
Maui Movies

Activity Central
A place to start and see what activities are available on Maui.
Events Calendar
This is a link to the Maui News, a local daily periodical, website that lists the current and upcoming events on Maui.
Driving Tips
My tips when taking to the roads on Maui.
Here you will find a few stories about Maui.
Halloween 1998
These are pictures I took during the Halloween parade on Front Street, Lahaina. Halloween is known as the 'Mardi Gras of the Pacific'.
FAQS of Maui
Here you will find answers to some of the most asked questions by visitors to Maui.
Humpback Whales
Find out a little more about the majestic Humpback Whales that visit our waters from December 15th till May 15th each year.
Breaching Pic Whale
Jet Lag Hints
Some helpful hints to get you and your body in tune with the time change and get your vacation off to a bright-eyed good time.
Local Newspaper
Our local newspapers.
"Maui News" "Maui Weekly " -
Maui Movies
See what movies are playing on Maui this week. Includes links to the studios' movie trailers. Updated every Tuesday & Friday.
See Maui LIVE on all the WebCams that are currently accessible. You choose the area you wish to view and then select the specific WebCam from the sample views shown.
Place to Stay
I hope to make this a larger section with more than the just one selection. (Opens in a seperate browser window)
Excellent site for locating restaurants on Maui.
Saving Tips
We all want to save money when on vacation but don't know the secrets to find them like the local residents do. Here they are.
Here I have written up some day trips that I have done and believe you might find of interest.
Signs of Maui
A variety of photographs I have taken of interesting signs in and around Maui.
Things To Do
Just like it says. I have listed over 100 things that you can do while on Maui.
See the answers to some and try your luck at others.

Vacation Planner
This is a web page that you can print out and then use to help plan your activities while you are visiting our Island. It lists activities and times they are available to you.
Lighter Collection
My collection of unique cigarette lighters.

Get your questions answered here from a local resident. Share your Maui experiences with others. See who is offering a place to stay
Personal Dossier
Here you can find out a little bit about me.
Ever wonder where your old schoolmates have gone? You might find them here.
Words To Live By
Just a couple of prose that I like and you might too.

NICKNAME: The Valley Isle FLOWER: Lokelani COLOR: Pink
COUNTY SEAT: Wailuku AREA: 729 Sq. Miles LENGTH: 48 Miles
POPULATION: 122,350 HIGHEST POINT: Haleakala (10,023 Ft) COASTLINE: 120 Miles

Palm Tree Line

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