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What are those different fish served in the restaurants?

Ahi (Tuna) -- the choice of fish for sashimi (raw fish) which is sliced thin and is delicious when dipped into a mixture of wasabi (green horseradish) and shoyu (soy sauce)...best served broiled or grill it up for sandwiches.

Mahi-Mahi -- a gamefish that seems to be the most popular of the island fish...a flaky texture and light flavor.

Onaga -- a red snapper

Ono -- means "delicious" in Hawaiian...a white fish...very succulent...best served sauteed.

Opakapaka -- a pink snapper..very tasty white fish.

Ulua (Jack) -- a white fish...very delicate...best served either baked or steamed.
How large is Maui?

727.3 square miles

What is the average annual rainfall?
Kahalui 20" ----- Lahaina 15" ----- Kihei 13" ----- Hana 69" The short, intermittent showers are called "Blessings".

What is the average temperature?
Winter months: 71 degrees. Summer Months: 78 degrees. Avg. Humidity: 56-72%

What are Trade Winds?
These are the winds that come out of the northeast at about 5-15 miles per hour. They are naturally cool and clear the air. They were named after the breezes that brought merchant ships to the Islands.

What are Kona Winds?
They come from the southwest and usually bring high humidity and rain. They are the opposite ot the Trade Winds.

What is VOG
Mainland cities have SMOG, we have VOG (volcanic fog). It is a result of volcanic activity on the Big Island and Maui gets it when the Kona Winds are blowing.

What are Maui's major industries?
Agriculture and Tourism

What are those lizard like creatures in my hotel/condo?
These are called Geckos. They have become a trademark of Hawai'i. Its character was made a symbol of the laidback lifestyle in the Islands. Aside from eating pests like termites ans bugs, geckos are considered good luck. If found in your domicile, leave it alone for it is said to bring good fortune.

What does "Mauka" and "Makai" mean?
"Mauka" means inland towards the mountains. "Makai" means towards the sea.

Is it legal to turn right on a red light?
YES...as long as you come to a complete stop at the intersection first.

How long does it take to grow sugar cane?
It takes 24 months from initial planting to harvest.

What is this fallening black ash?
This is affectionately known as "Maui Snow". It is the result of the burning of the cane fields. Cane field buring is used to clear debris and excess leaves from the cane. It expedites the harvest and does not "cook" or prepare the cane in any way.

What are those large brown spiders that look like "Daddy Longlegs"?
Those are cane spiders. They are not poisonous but they have been known to cause heart palpatations when you find an especially large one in the shower.

What is "Pidgen"?
A new language that was born out of the blending of social customs and frequent intermarriages within the cane workers of early years. It has a sing-song quality and juxtaposition of words. It makes for a special codex still used by local folks when "talking story" with friends.

How many curves are on the Road to Hana
The world renowned road to Hana has 617 hairpin curves and 54 bridges in its 53 miles.

How much is the State Excise Tax?
4.167 percent is added to all purchases.

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