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Driving Times from Kahului Airport To:
Haleakala 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Hana 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Ka'anapali 50 Minutes
Kapalua 1 Hour
Kihei 20 Minutes
Lahaina 40 Minutes
Makena 35 Minutes
Wailea 30 Minutes
Wailuku 10 Minutes

  1. DRIVE WITHOUT STRESS: At home you are on a tight schedule to get from one place to the other. On Maui, you are on vacation. There is no need to be in such a hurry to get to your destination.

  2. BE CONSIDERATE: While on Maui try to incorporate the 'Aloha Spirit'. Allow fellow drivers to merge. The most you will lose is one car length or 5 seconds of time.

  3. DON'T TAILGATE: You are on the road with fellow visitors from around the World. They are on vacation. They are looking around at all the sites and will slam on their brakes at the most unexpected times especially during Whale season. Why ruin your leisure vacation by becoming involved in a rear-end collision. Is it worth the 3 seconds of time saved? Besides, the more the distance between you and the car in front of you, the less you have to concentrate on what they might or might not do leaving you more time to take in the beauty of Maui.

  4. USE TURN SIGNALS: Too many of our visitor drivers will not use their turn signals or will signal to turn one way and then turn the other way at the last moment because they are somewhat lost and/or confused.

  5. PASSING: Is it really necessary to pass that car especially when there is a string of cars in front of the one you are planning on passing? Is the 5 to 60 seconds that you will gain really worth an accident that can ruin your vacation?

  6. SLOW DRIVING: Our World-wide visiting drivers want to see everything and will slow down so as to absorb as much of what they are observing. I don't blame them. But what they fail to notice is that there are other drivers on the road and they are piling up behind them. It would be just as easy to pull over and safely enjoy the view while not disrupting the lives of others.

  7. THE TUNNEL: There is only one tunnel on Maui and it is where the 'Menehunes' (our little mischievous imps) live during the day (They only come out at night). Please honk your horn a couple of times when driving through our tunnel so you will not accidentally hit them. :-)

  8. DRIVING THE MOUNTAIN: When descending Mount Haleakala, try not to use only your brakes. Slip your car into 2nd gear and only use your brakes when absolutely necessary. Drivers who have relied only on their brakes to get them safely down the mountain have found themselves with overheated and useless brakes resulting in an accident.

  9. ROAD TO HANA: The road to Hana is not only beautiful it is narrow and winding. The road is not exclusive to cars. The road is also used by trucks, both small and LARGE. I recommend that you stay as far to the right in your lane as possible, especially when negotiating the numerous blind hairpin curves. You never can tell if a large truck or a tired or inattentive driver is coming in the other direction and is crossing into your lane.

  10. RIGHT ON RED: In Hawaii you are allowed to turn right on a red light after coming to a complete stop. The key point here is 'Coming to a COMPLETE STOP'. Remember, you are on vacation and should be a relaxed driver.

  11. THINK YOUR LOST?: Trying to read a map while driving? Not a good idea. You are on vacation which leaves you plenty of time to safely pull over, stop and really study the map. One nice thing about Maui is that there are so few roads (4 basic ones), thus it is very hard to get completely lost. So don't worry. Relax. Take your time.

  12. USE YOUR HEADLIGHTS: I cannot understand why so many drivers are hesitant to turn on their headlights, especially during sunrise and sunset. They use their 'Parking Lights'. Those lights are used when you are PARKED not driving. That is how they got their name. They are not "Running Lights". That is for boats. Check it out for yourself. An oncoming car with its headlights on can be seen at a greater distance than one without. Don't you want to warn other drivers that you are there in the oncoming lane?

  13. USE SEAT BELTS. IT'S THE LAW: The police take this law very seriously. They are constantly looking for drivers that are not wearing them and you will be issued a ticket. This law applies to all front seat passengers, not just the driver.

  14. DON'T SPEED: There is no need to exceed the posted speed limit. After all, you are on a vacation. The time gained is really not worth it because you will have to pay closer attention to your driving and will miss out on the beauty of Maui.

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