Ashley Fuhrman
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There are so many happy memories that come to mind when i think of the times I spent with Ashley I dont know where to start.
Everytime I think back all I can hear or see is her laughter and big smile. (I guess because she always thought I was doing the goofiest things.)
Her senior year, at the Halloween football game, my dad dressed up like a nerd. Seriously, it was really bad. I remember Ashley telling me how he walked up to her, and said, "Hey beautiful, have a date tonight?" I think she did not stop laughing for at least 5 minutes. She would tell me that's where I got my personality from-- him.
At cheerleading practice, everytime I went to do a tumbling pass, she never failed to start up the chant,"Go Walker, Go Walker" and mimicking my bent arm movement in my backhandspring. Before tryouts my senior year, I went to her house almost everyday for her to watch and critique me.
The day of Mocks, we were over there and I was just about to leave, but I told her I would show her my secrets to the dance. Part of the music for the dance was to the Mission Impossible theme, and I managed to come up with all these ridiculous "extra" things to do throughout. She watched trying hard to keep a straight face, but I think the second the music came on, she was rolling on the floor in laughter.
I loved listening to her laugh.
Right before she went off to Baylor, I went and ate with her at the County Line. Sarah Sobotik and I both worked there at the time, and Sarah was working while we were eating. She came over to sit with us for a second and fill our water, and the glass spilled all over the table, mainly on Ashley. Ashley and I were laughing so hard, but Sarah had this look on her face-- it was so funny. Then, of course, leave it to me, it must have been a second later, and there went my glass, right in Ashley's direction. It was so predictable of me which is why it was so funny.
I know Ashley filled everyone's life with joy and laughter. She had a very special gift.
Ashley walker :)